Celebrate Founders Day in Quito

The Quito Tribe can be traced back in the history of the city for centuries. Their presence here was destroyed by the Caras Tribe that founded the first form of the city in 980, known as the Kingdom of Quito. When the Incas later overran the city in 1533, under the leadership of Ruminahui, they burnt the Kingdom of Quito to the ground and ensured that no trace of this city was left behind that could be conquered by the Spanish. On 15 August 1534, San Francisco de Quito was founded by Francisco Pizarro, but was founded officially on 6 December 1534 by Sebastian de Benalcazar. Therefore, Quito celebrates Founders Day on 6 December each year.

Not to be outdone by any other festivals in Quito and across Ecuador, Founders Day is celebrated with as much color, music and festivity as any other. Festivals and celebrations in Ecuador are synonymous with marvelous feasts, drinking, music, rituals and rhythmic dance. Visitors and tourists who travel to Quito during the month of December will be able to experience the unique and fascinating week-long celebration in honor of Founders Day in Quito.

One of the many fun activities during this festive period are the street dances, where everyone gets together to fill the streets of Quito with song and dance. The open top buses, known as Chivas, are very popular as they often host live music shows, and together with a few drinks it makes for a wonderful and exciting party. Bull fighting and colorful parades are also a part of the festivities, together with sporting events and tasty food.

To most of the locals, the celebrations for Founders Day in Quito is the start of a month-long festival with many other festivals such as the Christmas and New Years activities, taking place throughout December. It is a celebration in honor of the founding members of the city, and a celebration that tourists can see, feel, smell and taste. Affecting all the senses and displaying the Ecuadorians’ love for life, food, celebration and dance, the Founders Day celebration is a festival that should not be missed out on.