Charles Darwin Research Station

The Charles Darwin Foundation was established in the year 1959, through the support and tireless efforts of UNESCO, numerous conservationists and the IUCN, who saw the need to create a foundation that would assist in the preservation of the Galapagos Islands. The Charles Darwin Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the islands, offering conservation assistance and doing the research needed to continue in their efforts. A facility such as the Charles Darwin Research Station, which is run by the foundation, is therefore vital in keeping the ecosystems of the islands stable.

Located on the Santa Cruz Island, in Puerto Ayora, the Charles Darwin Research Station is home to both local and foreign scientists who work towards finding the answers the foundation needs to conserve the islands. Founded in the year 1964, the establishment not only does research but also offers educational facilities. These facilities assist in promoting the importance of conservation and visitors to the center will find a wealth of information within the center grounds. Because of its dedication to the islands as a whole, the Charles Darwin Research Station does not limit its efforts to the islands, but also does marine research and projects. One of the vital projects is their giant tortoise breeding program, and visitors will be amazed at the beauty and greatness of these graceful creatures.

There are a few objectives that are the most important to the Charles Darwin Research Station. The first one is to gain an understanding of the ecosystems found on the islands, and maintaining them according to the principles of nature and its resources. They often collaborate with other institutions in Ecuador in regard to conservation projects and educational workshops, and try to assist in the training of personnel that are part of natural resources and scientific programs. Giving feedback to the government is also vital, as this gains support of their project. But most importantly, the Charles Darwin Research Station is playing a vital role in preserving the rare species (plant, marine and animal life) that can only be found on the Galapagos Islands for future generations to marvel at.