Colorful Festivals in the Village of Pintag

Renowned for its many colorful and lively festivals, the village of Pintag is located less than thirty kilometers southeast of Quito in Ecuador’s Pichincha Province. This picturesque rural village lies at an altitude of 9284 feet above sea level with the country’s fourth highest volcano, Antisana, nearby. One of the attractions of the village is the Hacienda Yurak, the first Jesuit monastery to be built in Ecuador. The church on the property, named la Compañia, was constructed by the monks using local quarried stone. The buildings feature wide patios with distinctive pillars, and murals with religious themes.

The closest airport to the village of Pintag is the Mariscal Sucre International Airport located in Quito. Visitors can travel to the village by car or bus and can join in the various festivals held in the town. On the 1st of January each year, Pintag hosts the Fiesta of the Child to welcome the New Year. On the Tuesday of Carnival season, which takes place annually before Lent, Pintag is the venue for the Fiesta of the Virgen de Santa Bárbara. Carnival is a Catholic tradition that takes place in many countries, with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival being the most famous. Festivities include public celebrations, street parties and parades, during which many of the revelers dress up elaborately and wear masks.

Other festivals held in the village of Pintag include the Fiesta de San José on 19 March each year, with the first Sunday of October being dedicated to the Fiesta of Santísima Virgen del Rosario. On the Tuesday after the Fiesta of Santísima Virgen del Rosario is the Fiesta of the patron saint of Pintag, San Jerónimo, and on 8 December, the village hosts the Fiesta of the Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción.

Famous people born in Pintag include artist and sculptor Estuardo Maldonado, who is renowned in artistic circles around the world for his talent in combining nature with innovation and incorporating his Andean roots in his work. Maldonado was awarded Ecuador’s most prestigious award for Art Literature and Culture – the Premio Eugenio Espejo – in 2009. The award was presented by the President of Ecuador. Contemporary water-color artist, Manuel García, was born in Pintag, with many of his works reflecting the architecture and the people of his hometown.