Ecuador: A Jewel in the Crown of South America

Situated in northwestern South America, the Republic of Ecuador is a wonderful place of adventure, beauty and culture. The immense diversity which can be found throughout the country can be found in every sphere of Ecuadorian life and only adds to the country’s appeal. Magnificent volcanoes abound but very few are active though there are some that will treat you to the sight of bellowing smoke and a few hot spouts of ashes now and then. The active volcanos also mean natural bodies of warm water so revitalizing springs and sulphur pits can also be found in the country.

Ecuador is bounded by Colombia in the north and Peru to the east and south. The Pacific Ocean graces its shores in the west where the Galapagos Islands are located. The Galapagos Islands are considered to be part of the country and much attention is given to them due to their magnificent variety of animal life and the ability to get close to animals in their natural habitats. However, there is much more to Ecuador than the Galapagos Islands. Only a trip to Ecuador’s mainland will help you to understand its majestic and alluring appeal.

Quito is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and you might easily find yourself transported back in time as you walk the cobblestone streets and view the 16th century churches. Not far from Quito, you will be able to clime the highest active volcano in the world or visit one of the many craft markets such as the one in the one found in Otavalo. Guayaquil is a booming metropolis where you will be able to enjoy gazing at paintings in art galleries or visiting hip restaurants – to name just a few activities.

But what would Ecuador be without its easy access to the jungles of the Amazon? As you walk the jungle trails, you may find yourself imagining the eyes of a puma staring at you from the undergrowth or perhaps spot an anaconda curled up on the sides of the river. Birds abound in such colorful varieties that even the most experienced bird watcher will be awed. Mangrove swamps, mysterious Inca ruins and quaint Indian villages are all a special treat. Swim with dolphins, enjoy a variety of land or water sports or simply relax at some of the fabulous hotels – Ecuador has it all. It is wise to take the time to discover the diverse wonders of Ecuador for yourself.

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