Ecuador – Health Spas Par Excellence

A trip to Ecuador is incomplete without a stay at one of the superb spas in the country. The rich, fertile soil, biodiversity and pure waters have together encouraged a range of indigenous therapies to flourish. The eco-friendly surroundings make the spas of Ecuador a perfect place for relaxation. Age old techniques are still practiced here, making the entire experience extremely enriching.

Luna Runtun Health Spa and Hotel, near Banos is more than just a place for rejuvenation-it can easily be the starting pint of many adventure trips around Ecuador. Located at the doorstep of the Amazon rain forests, Luna Runtun is a 63 acre estate within the Sangay National Park It nestles at the base of the active volcano, Tungurahua which is surrounded by 70 waterfalls. A more scenic place with such fertile soil is hard to find.

The various spa treatments here use medicinal plants as well as fruit and vegetables that are grown organically in their garden. Ash from the volcano and mineral water from Tungurahua are vital ingredients of the various packs that they use. Revel in invigorating exfoliating treatments, baths and massages. They even have special therapy for hair and skin. After the session you can relax in the soothing gardens or partake in adventure sports in the water, mountainside and forest.

Another spa worth experiencing is Arasha, a tropical forest resort and spa. Just a couple of hours drive from Quito, Arasha is situated in the most bio-diverse hot spot on earth. The resort has been constructed and is run in a manner that is in harmony with the rich verdant surroundings. The tranquil setting is the starting point for many eco-tours.

The spa treatments include various kinds of facials which are cleansing, revitalizing and stress relieving. Enjoy an aromatic massage or body wrap. The foot massage with reflexology techniques and the back massage are extremely good stress relievers.

This award winning spa has several strategic alliance partners who combine a visit to the health spa with various other adventure tourism destinations near by in hard to resist packages. Plan your first visit right away!