Enjoy a Visit to the Interactive Science Museum in Quito

Whoever said learning isn’t fun had never been to the Interactive Science Museum in Quito, Ecuador. The museum is located in Chimbacalle and is designed to make science and learning a fun and entertaining experience for both young and old.

The Interactive Science Museum is a real treat for all those with budding minds. It’s location in the heart of the rejuvenated neighborhood of Chimbacalle seems appropriate – since it is here that you can rejuvenate your mind as you go on a truly fascinating journey of discovery. The museum is housed in a former textile factory which covers an area of some 4,000 square meters. All this space is used to create what is essentially one giant ‘play house’ – a place where science isn’t difficult, but rather fun, and where people can learn through play and interaction. There is something for everyone here – from the youngest children to the oldest adults. The museum makes learning what may be seemingly difficult and complex concepts on paper easy by putting it into an interactive, easy to understand setting.

Some of the displays one can expect to enjoy at the Interactive Science Museum in Quito include the ‘Sala Guaguas’ for children up to eight years of age, the forest walk on the banks of the Rio Machangara, an open-air theatre, a central square and a vantage point overlooking the city. The Quito 2025 exhibition is also a treat, as it highlights the many projects currently underway to improve the city. It makes use of graphics, multimedia and audiovisual displays to make it interesting for visitors. Making this information available to visitors makes it easier for people in the city to be aware of how the city is being upgraded and how they can be a part of that development.

During the course of this year, the museum plans to open a new wing called the ‘Physics Hall’. This wing will explore the realms of mechanics, energy, acoustics and optics in a fun and interesting way. All of this combines to make for a great attraction in the heart of Ecuador. The Interactive Science Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 09:00 and 17:00 and prices range from $0.50 (children ages 3-6) to $2 (adults).