Entertainment Galore at Jipiro Park

Jipiro Park in Loja, Ecuador, is a recreational park like no other. It has a wide variety of fascinating sites to visit and activities to enjoy. It is a park that is frequented by locals over weekends and has become a popular tourist attraction. Loja is more that five hundred years old, and being one of the oldest cities in Ecuador it has an obligation to protect its heritage and its rich culture. Located in the Southern Andes, Loja has embraced modernization, but conserved its wonderful historical landmarks, and has fiercely protected and preserved its natural resources.

A large part of Loja’s charm is Jipiro Park. It is situated on ten hectares of green landscape with two natural rivers flowing through it. The park is a recreational facility that is able to entertain children, relax parents, intrigue visitors and keep the sports enthusiasts happy. As a recreational park, it definitely scores top marks. To start, the park has a few restaurants that serve delicious traditional meals. There is also an internet café and a safe camping area. The lawns are kept in pristine condition and are ideal for weekend picnics or just enjoying the fresh air on a blanket with a good book.

When it comes to things to do, a popular tourist attraction is the miniature park. Here visitors will find a great variety of miniature buildings and structures that will take them around the world in less than eighty days! They symbolize moments in history; represent cultures and religions from the world over, with the Tsar’s Palace and the St. Petersburg Cathedral of Russia, the Eiffel Tower, African Huts, the Chinese Pagodas, the Mayan Pyramids and much more. The miniature mosque however, and some of the other buildings, should be investigated a little closer, as they are home to hidden features such as a children’s planetarium, chess boards and libraries.

Sporting enthusiasts will be able to join in a few fun activities here, including bicycle trails, horse riding, soccer, ice-skating and basketball. Visitors can hire paddleboats to enjoy the pond, or cool off in the swimming pool. The orchid farm is another breathtaking feature of the park, as is the mini zoo that is located on an island in the pond. Of course it doesn’t house dangerous animals, but children have great fun looking at the turtles, giraffe, geese, monkeys, swans and other magnificent creatures. In the evenings, the park often entertains the crowds with live musical shows and guest artists.

As said before, Jipiro Park is a recreational park that will simply take your breath away. With so much to see and do here, it is easy to see why so many locals and tourists enjoy the facilities that are offered. It is safe to say that this unique park will definitely ensure a few wonderful photographic opportunities while traveling through Ecuador.