Escuela Taller in Quito

Located in the Old Town district of Quito, in Ecuador, is a school that is dedicated to the education of under privileged children, assisting street children to create a future. This project was inaugurated in the year 1992 and is known at the Escuela Taller Quito. Once a maternity hospital, the building in which Escuela Taller Quito is situated was renovated to suit their needs and is open to the public who can be taught more about this fine cause and join in on interactive initiatives.

The Escuela Taller Quito looks more like a home from the outside than a workshop school. Its historic features, such as carved doorways and spacious patios offer a tranquil atmosphere. Behind its door, students talk and laugh while bustling to their next class and the entire school is a vibrant hive of activity. Students range between the ages of 16 to 22, and the school takes on sixty students at a time. Each class is filled with practical educational adventures, teaching its students everything from the delicate techniques of art and sculpture, to traditional handicraft skills. Students are cared for at the school by providing them with two meals a day and giving them a uniform to work in.

All the work done by the students is on display throughout the school, allowing visitors to marvel at both the architectural wonders of the school structure and the talent that is developed by this project. Students are able to learn a variety of skills including metal work, painting, carpentry, electrical proficiency, gold leaf work, construction and stone work. There are also mathematical and language classes available to students. The Escuela Taller project also works hand in hand with the city’s restoration projects of historical buildings, as students are employed at these restorations sites when they leave the school. The project therefore trains future artisans, as well as assists with the preservation and restoration of the Quito’s history, and ensures that the culture and traditions of Ecuador are kept alive. Visitors to the school will be able to enjoy guided tours of the school, and explore a world that brings hope and a bright future to the children of Quito.