Experience the Thrill of Enduro Motor Cycling in Ecuador

The South American country of Ecuador has three major geographical regions – the Andes Mountains, coastal plains and the Amazon basin – each fascinating in their own way. Enduro motor cycling offers tourists a number of options to explore these areas, giving them a view of this beautiful country that is seldom seen.

With the diverse terrain encountered in Ecuador, there really is something for everybody to enjoy, whether experts or beginners. There are many challenging off-road tracks taking bikers to places of exquisite beauty while they enjoy the power and speed of the motorbike. Enduro will take you along winding steep dirt trails up volcanoes, cobbled and gravel roads in the valleys, muddy trails in the coastal regions, sand banks and river crossings in the Amazon and, for the intrepid Enduro biking enthusiast, there is even a suspension bridge across a deep gorge. Sight-seeing doesn’t get more exciting than this.

The motorbike most commonly used for Enduro adventures in Ecuador is a Honda XR600 with a progressive suspension, Renthal handle bars, as well as hand and brake protectors. A guide will assess what level of difficulty participants want to tackle and whether they are qualified to do so. Personal equipment such as a helmet, jacket, boots, belts, gloves and rain gear will be supplied to ensure that participants have adequate protection from the elements and in case of any mishaps. Before the tour starts, the guide will brief participants about safety rules, how to behave in traffic and what can be expected on the trip. Participants are made aware that the term “off-road” means any road which is not paved, such as dirt trails, gravel and cobbled roads. It does not mean riding off into fields, pasture grounds or nature areas where damage could be caused to the environment. Finally, the motorbike and its different features are discussed. Then it is time to head off on the adventure of a lifetime. The first hour or so of the trip is spent on good asphalt roads. This is to give participants some time to get accustomed to their motorbikes before heading for off-road terrain, where then the real fun begins.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience that is only enjoyed by those with a true sense of adventure, you should travel to Ecuador and embark on an Enduro motor-cycling tour – you will be glad that you did.