NAPO Wildlife Center in Ecuador

Get ready for the stuff dreams are made of: the silence of the rainforest is shattered by the screech of white-tipped capuchin monkeys, squirrels and parrots. Giant otters swim just out of reach as you paddle down the Napo River lying right outside your room.

Equador’s Napo Wildlife Center is a private nature reserve that sits on 82-square-miles of lush rainforest on the northern edge of the Yasuni National Park.

A trip to the zoo was never like this! At the Napo Wildlife Center YOU are an integral part of your surroundings. The Wildlife Center boasts 10 luxury cabanas that create an interactive environment. Tasteful and comfortable accommodations underscore some of the most stunning scenery and diverse wildlife known to man.

Meanwhile a variety of trails within the NWC will put you face-to-face with more wildlife than you ever imagined! Keep your eyes opened and digital camera primed and ready for 11 species of monkey, numerous lizards, tortoises, four different species of cayman, frogs and even army ants!

And would you believe over 562 species of birds have been sighted at the Wildlife Center? Parrots and parakeets in particular can be viewed up close from special viewing blinds. The birds arrive by the hundreds to nibble at “clay-licks” that aid in the bird’s digestion of seeds and fruit.

The Napo Wildlife Center can be reached via a flight from Quito to the town of Francisco de Orellana (also known as Coca) which sits on the Napo River. A two-hour canoe-trip downriver will place you at the Center’s entrance. Dug-out canoes will take you from there.

The Napo Wildlife Center. Why just dream about big adventure when you can live it? Check it on-line for information on a variety of available tour packages.