Renowned Artist Félix Arauz

A number of famous artists have come out of Ecuador, making a name for themselves around the world. Amongst these artistic legends is Félix Arauz, who is named among other famous artists such as Jose Carreño, Enrique Tábara Juan Villafuerte and Aníbal Villacís. Arauz uses vivid colors to create an almost dreamlike feel in his art work, producing beautiful pieces that are not easily forgotten. Amongst his chosen subjects are faces, children, flowers, trees of life, abstracts and landscapes.

Félix Arauz was born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in the year 1935. At the age of 22 he attended the School of Fine Arts, where he was instructed by Caesar Andrade Faini, who was known for his exquisite landscapes. Since 1966 Arauz has been a professor at Guayaquil’s School of Fine Arts. Later, in 1967, Arauz was married to Nila Villafuerte Estrada, sister to another famous artist from Guayaquil, Juan Villafuerte. That same year he was invited to travel to the United States of America on scholarship, touring the museums and galleries throughout the country. He was accompanied by Jaime Villa and Gilberto Almeida, who was a member of the VAN group of artists.

Arauz’s art was becoming well-known. Jaime Andrade, a friend, organized for two of Arauz’s paintings to be displayed at New York’s Gallery Kromex and the Pan American Union in Washington in 1970. Several years later in 1987 he had an exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, travelling on to Brussels. He continues to serve as a professor at the fine arts school, as well as painting in his studio.

Throughout the years Félix Arauz has received much recognition for his exceptional works of art. He was awarded First Prize National Hall October in Guayaquil in 1963 and 1972, as well as Second Prize in 1965 and 1969. In 1968 he received the Great Prize Gold Medal National Hall Julio, followed by the Great Prize Hall Julio in 1971 and the Second Prize National Hall Julio in 1975. Further to this he was given the Gold Medal of Artistic Merit by the Municipality of Guayaquil in 1981. 1996 saw Félix Arauz awarded the Gold Brush.