Vilcabamba Health

For years it has been believed that Vilcabamba holds the secrets to longevity, as the locals here have an average lifespan of approximately a hundred years, with some even reaching the age of 135. It is also referred to as the Valley of Longevity, and many have studied this picturesque part of Ecuador in search of the features that make this town unique. Even Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr Richard Laurence Millington Synge came to Vilcabamba to investigate the rumours of longevity that have become synonymous with the area. A more recent study has placed the town in the top five of the world’s healthiest places to live.

Not only is Vilcabamba a healthy destination, it is also a breathtaking town located at the foot of the Mandango Mountain, surrounded by forests and farm lands. Inca royalty used to frequent Vilcabamba, as it has always been a beautiful retreat filled with natural wonders. International Living has released their latest list of healthy places to live. As numerous studies have shown, there really is no secret to the longevity of the people of Vilcabamba, only good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The most important factors in the long lives of the locals is their diet and high activity levels.

Vilcabamba has always been a farming community, with the majority of the community working hard in their fields every day. There is also no public transportation or automated modes of transport, so most people walk to work and back and to wherever they need to go. This means that locals exercise for most of their lives. Due to the community farming their own food supply, they have been kept away from processed foods, almost no animal products are used, and all food is rinsed with clear and fresh spring water. These factors see to it that locals have very low body fat ratios, as well as extremely low, or no, cholesterol levels. Its isolated location away from the pollution of the bustling cities allows locals and visitors to breathe in healthy mountain air every day. With its beauty and healthy living, it is easy to see why Vilcabamba is a popular destination for tourists and has been listed as one of the healthiest places in the world.