Visiting Montanita

The town of Montanita can be best described as a small surfing paradise with picturesque beaches and magnificent waves. What was once a quiet town with a few surfer tents pitched along the coastline and wooden fishermen homes has developed into a quaint seaside resort destination that welcomes thousands of foreign visitors each year. The surfers still flock to this idyllic location in the Santa Elena province, but the town now has a host of accommodation options, exciting attractions and thrilling activities for all to enjoy.

Montanita depends on tourism and surfing for its economy and with a consistent tropical climate almost all year round there is never a shortage of visitors. January is generally the busiest month, but with surfing competitions and festivals being added to the activities calendar, more visitors are seen arriving in the town throughout the year. Of course the water sports do not end with surfing, as scuba diving, windsurfing and water skiing are also available. The most popular site along the beaches of Montanita is Montanita Point. Visitors are also recommended to walk through the centre of Montanita, as the streets are lined with restaurants serving international cuisine, hotels, local souvenir stores and bars. Some of the attractions in town include the Galapagos Gallery, displaying numerous local and international works of art; the Rucalem, which showcases handicrafts and traditional items; and the Arte y Diseno that has a breathtaking collection of paintings, wooden sculptures and murals.

Located on the Route of the Sun, which stretches along the coast from Santa Elena City to Puerto Cayo, Montanita is also a wonderful base from which to explore other smaller destinations, such as Oloncito, the Chongon-Colonche forest, Las Tunas and the National Park Machailila. When the sun goes down, Montanita comes alive with music and laughter, as the bars and nightclubs fill up with festive visitors. Serving colorful cocktails made from local ingredients, to the beats of reggae and electronic music, Montanita ensures that visitors enjoy every moment of their vacation, day and night, while staying in this laid back beach town.