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Bridging the Gap Between Generations

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  • Bridging the Gap Between Generations

    Bridging the Gap Between Generations is available for sale at WSIC EBook publisher and ebook sales, EBook publisher and ebook sales

    Melodie Guay has given us the honor of publishing her book on parents and teenagers for Ebook publishing.

    Melodie's love for her work jumps out of the pages and is a joy to read. She initially published her work in paperback in 2001 and has now given us permission to distribute it in Ebook format.

    Back Cover

    The pain of my one last love is held deep in my heart, and it seems as if now that hurt has taken all my love from my soul.

    My last love was hurt and he held the one decision that would leave me with the last part of my now empty soul.

    I look at him from a distance to see if the pain I feel is felt to by my love. If I was to feel his pain would it be as strong and hurtful as the pain that seems to lasts forever in me.

    I found in Melodie the one person who understands the pain, hurt, and agony of being alone. This person is cared and loved by many, but in so many different ways.

    She is to me the one who is my angel to guide me down that path. She is the one I know will always be by my side to feel the love and caring back.

    If this person ever has doubts in that she has let me know, and feel her doubts, her feelings.

    She has put her trust and love in me.

    She has helped in so many ways not to be seen.

    I feel as if she took my pain inside and kept it for me.

    I love and trust her and call her my friend.

    This young lady was 15

    Note from author

    Over the last 15 years I spent a lot of time being friends with teenagers. When I decided to start doing research for my book the teenager’s were told about it and started submitting their writings, and asked if I could use them. I was honored by them and told them that that I would as their poems give great insight to a teenagers thoughts and feelings.

    Inside these covers you will find more then stories and poems you will find my thoughts, my love for teenagers, and maybe food for thought; that and perhaps understanding