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what is the right religion?

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  • what is the right religion?

    there's a thousand of relegion in the world right now and I don't know what is the right and what is the wrong. I'm searching for the right relegion for a year, but I can't find one. is there someone who can help me to explain what is the right relegion please help me to find one and explain it to my e-mail address at:

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    I would say to start reading the various books that are part of that religious group. If you find contradiction then move on to the next written work.

    I have been studying the bible for a number of years and find it very reliable.
    The problem is that for every church you can attend, you will find a different interpretation. So which interpretation is correct?
    Simple: approach it in an honest way, reading it via normative rules of language, context and logic - things we all learned in school - but do it honestly. Make everyone who speaks to you of the bible prove out every statement they make.

    The bible, i.e., Christianity is the only religion that teaches the way to heaven is through a moment of faith alone in Christ alone Who provided for you the free gift of eternal life because He died for you sins.

    This makes the most sense to me because I can’t imagine doing something so good that I will go to heaven. I need a lot of help if I’m going to make it there.

    It also provides some very practical doable things to get along in this life.
    Write me anytime.



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      Islamic Gardens:Growing Cosmological Ideals

      If you check below web-site

      You are going to have all detail abou muslim religios

      Welcome to The Fountain Magazine
      Welcome to FG Forum - Fethullah Gulen Forum - Gülen Movement and Fethullah Gülen
      The Institute of Interfaith Dialog - Home


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        A new religion (spanish)

        1. Hace 25,000 años, seres humanos que hab


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          There is no right religion! I think all religions are like the same, just talk to each of its members and decide.

          good luck!