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troubles in Ecuador

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  • troubles in Ecuador

    Can anyone tell me what's happening now in Ecuador? Are the streets calm? or is there still tension between the Indians and the goverment?
    Are Americans from the United States safe and free to go whereever they want?

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    What a very foolish question. Does not every other American find much sadness in posts like the above? This poor, deluded, being actually believes that all Americans are completely free to go wherever they might choose. Ah! The pain of sudden realization! We is not free! We is American!



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      Now that you have insulted me. Please update us on what is happening in Ecuador. Is the goverment keeping it's promises or will there be more troubles in the near future.


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        I just returned from a three and a half week trip to Ecuador. I was able to visit several cities and speak with numerous individuals regarding the current situation in Ecuador. People from low income class are having a hard time with the "dolarizacion". Now that the US Dollar became the official currency, the lower economic class is still thinking in Sucres and comparing current prices using the last conversion rate of 25,000 Sucres per Dollar when purchasing goods. Retailers have rounded up prices to the nearest US Dollar.

        The middle class has accepted the change; however, they are making cuts everywhere. Many (mainly low class) have bailed out and migrated to Spain, Italy, and the US. Some are trying to sell their properties to finance their trips. Perhaps they will regret it.

        Regarding the situation with foreigners, it's relatively safe. Ecuador is and has been for many years a relatively peaceful country. If you compare it with Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and even Argentina where economic, terrorism, drug trafficking, de facto governments, and civil unrest have wiped out generations, Ecuador is still a safe and good place (for foreigners and Ecuadorians) to live in. Nevertheless, we need to be extremely careful no matter whether we are in Ecuador or in Salt Lake City, Utah.
        Actually, we have lost more Americans to terrorist attacks here in our own soil than we have in Ecuador.

        There are and there will always be problems in Ecuador. Just look at history and you will see what I mean.


        "You can accomplish more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone" Robert De Niro, The Untouchables


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          americans in ecuador

          My mother is an Ecuadorian who immigrated to New York in 1960. But I do not feel free to go wherever I please just because I have an American passport; the French government reminds me every day that I do not belong here even though I have lived in France for 15 years. My family has a long history of immigrants from Ecuador, Germany, Sweden and Spain. So naturally I believe I -- and anyone in the world -- CAN go live in another country. It is the immigration laws of each country that say otherwise. I would like to go to Ecuador, but I would not like to be discriminated against for the fact of being having an American passport. (I already encounter discrimination in America AND France because of being non-white.) I think that the sarcasm I have seen here is not very dignified. I hope that this is not evidence of how I would be treated if I came to Ecuador to see where my mother has come from, or to contribute my knowlege and experience to this country in whatever way I may.


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            hi, can any one tell me how a person who is been for ten years in the can fix the states. I need to find out for my friend thanks.


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              there is tension stil in ecuador

              you whats up
              you wanna know why there isstill tension in ecuador
              cause of americans going in there
              cause they think cause they are so called "americans"
              they can get and do whatever they want but that is **** to me
              i am not with that ****
              as of now we are still working on how to calm down the indians
              cause they say they want better jobs but as how ecuador is
              there is no way to give the what they want


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                wil im new in here so i just wanted to say that Ecuador is the best place iv been im half German and half Ecuadorian i love that country and mostly because my boyfriend lives over there umm ... but wanted to talk about the elections of last year which i was with the campaing of Rafael Correa i thinkand i now that he could make think much better for Ecuador most of the presidents of Ecaudor had made the country so poor even though its cities and beautiful places are one of there big treasuries.i think it was a good idea to get those riched and unresponsable politics it was by time they did that Im only 18 years old and when i went their in 2005 it was soo bad you citizens woul imagine the poor people in that country its just like other contries i belive that since the dollar bills have primitted in Ecuador everything is a higher price and the poor people that have business dont have that much money earned to pick up there families it would be a great idea to get sucres back it was much better from the opinion of my mom so ummm... i guess there is also alot of crasy thing going on i live in California now i came 5 months ago from Ecuador after being there for 2 or 3 years will i hope Ecuador the country of 1 of my parents come out great with this presidentual.



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                  well that's the problem with most of the Americans. They think that whole world belongs to them and they can go wherever they want and they actually do it as well.After all they are the only super power. But exceptions are always there. Many Americans are very realistic also...