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Americans in Cuencas?

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  • Americans in Cuencas?

    Hi, I am considering moving to Cuencas as a retiree, and would love to connect with any Americans living in Cuencas, for information, advice, etc. Thank you in advance for responding -- this is a brand new possibility about which I am very excited -- look forward to hearing from you!

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    Also will probably relocate to Cuenca

    Planning on visiting Cuenca either April or May 2011, looking to connect with fellow americans on line that are willing to help us get acclimated when we come to visit and help us out. I am Eldon 63 now will be 64 when we come and Pauline is my wife she is a bit younger than me. Pauline is a chicana and can speak some spanish. I speak muy muy muy poquito espanol at this time, I am going to invest in Rosetta Stone spanish for latin america and start learning. We will be making our first trip a scouting expedition to see if we do want to give Cuenca a try. I probably have the same reasons for retiring away from the USA. 401 K is now next to nothing and we cannot live on social security alone here in usa. There is no other way to retire without being a burden to our children. The only recourse is not to retire and just keep working. My job is being outsourced end of March 2011 and I am not looking forward to going through the job hunt process again.


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      Hello to Eldon & Pauline

      Hi! My post was the one before you, seeking contact with Americans in Cuencas. I have not
      had any response yet, but will gladly share any helpful contacts/info that comes to me. My
      name is Jean, and I live in New Mexico, USA. Where are you? I hope we find someone
      there to communicate with. Best of Luck to you in your new life!


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        We are in Tulsa Oklahoma. When do you plan on going to Cuenca ? My job is done end of March 2011 so with wife willing we will be going on a scouting trip to Cuenca probably April or May 2011.