Huaquillas Zaruma in Ecuador, Cities, Travel Destinations

Ecuador is made up of many provinces but the one we will be concentrating on is the El Oro Province. This is a coastal province in the southern part of the country. The capital of the province is a town called Machala, one of fourteen different cantons found here.

The name “El Oro” is Spanish for gold and the region was so named because of the gold that has been mined here over the years. The El Oro province is also known for its production of bananas, which are exported all over the world. The province is well known for the many attractions that it has in the area, like the petrified forests and the Jambelí and Santa Clara Islands.

Another town in this province that you are sure to come across is Huaquillas Zaruma, a town that is located on the Ecuador-Peru border. Huaquillas is a small town that is situated on a mountaintop and known for its commercial industry with a population of about 30,000 residents. Like the province, Huaquillas Zaruma is well know for its gold mining and has made provisions for tourists to be able to see these processes that eventually produce beautiful gold.

If you are visiting the capital city in this province of Ecuador, take a day out of your schedule to visit Huaquillas Zaruma which is approximately 100 km away. If you don’t have your own transport there are always buses passing along the way, but it is essential that you bring your passports for all the military check points that you will travel through.

There are a number of attractions that you should look out for while visiting this mining town. One of them is the gold museum, where you will find a history of the town and gold discoveries as well as how gold is processed. Enjoy the wooden architecture of the town and the stunning views that you get of the surrounding country.

There are quite a few hotels here because of all the visitors passing through to Peru and back. Hotels like the Guayaquil and Lima provide comfortable accommodation for the weary traveler. If you would like to experience true Ecuadorian cuisine visit the Chesito and the Flamingo for a taste of some local dishes.

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