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The beautiful city of San Cristobal lies on one of the easternmost Galapagos Islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean, approximately 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. Originally named by English pirates for William Pitt, the earl of Chatham, it is an area of 195 square miles.

San Cristóbal is the most populated island of the archipelago. San Cristóbal is also the only island in the Galapagos with regular water supply gathered from rainwater in broken craters. Charles Darwin, the English naturalist, landed at San Cristóbal in 1835, compiling data later incorporated into “Origin of Species”. As such, a monument for Darwin was erected in 1935.

San Cristobal is home to the endemic species of Mockingbird, the Chatham Mockingbird, Nesomimus melanotis. A must see for any bird watching enthusiast! San Cristobal is also filled with other various wildlife and visitors to the island will be treated by some wonderful sights of nature, including the endemic San Cristóbal Lava Lizard and Sea Lions.

It’s still a growing town, but with arrivals at the airport growing and with many yachts and tour boats operating from here, it’s really gearing up for more travelers and tourists to visit this truly stunning island. So make sure you include San Cristobal in your visit to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

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