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Cotopaxi is one of the many provinces in Ecuador. Cotopaxi is home to Latacunga, which is the capital of the province. Latacunga is situated on a plateau, which is a piece of land that is much higher then the surrounding flat areas. It is approximately 2,850 meters or 9,055 feet above the mean sea level.

In the Cotopaxi province you will find attractions like the active Cotopaxi Volcano that stands at 19,388 feet high and has caused a lot of destruction over the years. In fact, on three occasions (in 1742, 1768 and in 1877) the town has been destroyed by the volcano. Another natural attraction near Latacunga are the two rivers known as Alaques and Cutuchi. These eventually flow together to form the Pastaza.

Latacunga town has a population of over 55,000 people mainly made up of native Ecuadorians and Mestizo. The Spanish name “Mestizo” means people who have mixed indigenous and European Amerindian ancestry. If you are visiting Quito, you will easily find the town of Latacunga about 89 km or 55 miles south of the Ecuadorian capital. Latacunga has an international airport that is used by the Air Force and for commercial flights.

Due to the high location of Latacunga town it has quite a cold climate and is windy because of the lack windbreakers – such as trees and shrubs – to protect this barren land. The economy of Latacunga is based largely on cultivating flowers and agriculture. In the center of Latacunga there are beautifully kept gardens for all to enjoy. These can be found in the Parque Vicente León.

Something you will have to try while visiting Latacunga is a dish called Chugchucaras – something the town is well known for. Chugchucaras is a delicious dish of deep fried pork, potatoes, cooked white maize, empanadas (stuffed pastry), fried plantains and pork rinds. This mouth watering meal is covered with a spicy sauce made up of tomatoes, cilantro, hot peppers and onions.

There are a few attractions for visitors to go look at, such as the Casa de los Marqueses de Miraflores. This mansion turned museum houses items such as artworks and archaeological items that have been discovered around the area. The Cathedral and the San Francisco church are also worth a visit, with many pieces of religious artwork on display. There are also two markets arranged during the month of September to honor the Virgin of La Merced and to celebrate independence. Angel de la Estrella and the La Mama Negra are another two attractions that you can put down on your list as a must to visit.

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