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    Mayors Office

    As you make your way around Ecuador, working your way through both the big cities and small villages, you will find that art is everywhere. It may take the form of paint on canvas or it may serve a more functional purpose - such as the woven design on a straw hat. The people of Ecuador are a colorful people who delight in their handiwork and who generally strive to incorporate the elements ...

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    Antiques Josue

    When you visit Ecuador, you may quickly notice the abundance of art that is available for purchase. Sometimes this art may take the form of a handcrafted item – other times it may take the form of paint on canvas or sculpture. Whether you are a traditional art collector or are simply looking for a great find that will help you to remember your trip with fondness, there is plenty to choose ...

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    Every country has historic and cultural treasures and Ecuador certainly isn’t the exception to the rule. The country has had a long and interesting history that extends far further into the past than what most people realize. The indigenous people of Ecuador lived off the land happily for many hundreds of years before the spreading Inca kingdom reached the area and Incan warriors conquered ...

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    Las Conceptas Museum

    What used to be an eighteenth century monastery is today the Las Conceptas Museum, or Museo de Monasterio de las Conceptas. The building has been beautifully conserved and the original building materials - such as the brick floors and the pillars, window frames and doors that are made from a coarse wood - still adorn the structure. According to the records the construction of the Las ...

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    Colonial Art Museum

    Quito was established on 6 December 1534 in an area that is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, green landscapes, a picturesque valley and forests that are thick and filled with bird song. It is an inspiring location and it is not surprising that the art galleries and art museums reflect the surrounding beauty. Quito is home to many popular attractions in Ecuador as well as the ...