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  • Protected Areas

    Mindo Nambillo Reserve

    With an elevation that ranges between 1 180 m to 4 780 m, the Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve offers the average visitors something different. The main feature of this reserve is the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest, which stretches out over 19 200 hectares and is situated near the small village of Mindo. Mindo, which is just north of Quito, could be called the ‘control-center’ of the reserve ...

  • Protected Areas

    Podocarpus National Park

    In the southern region of Ecuador you will find the 360,000-acre (146,300-hectare) Podocarpus National Park. The park is made up of two primary areas: the upper pre-montane section with tropical cloud forests and the lower subtropical section. You will also find large areas of virgin forest containing three specific species of genus Podocarpus. You will definitely feel like you have just ...