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  • Protected Areas

    El Angel Ecological Reserve

    El Angel Ecological Reserve, created in 1992, is located 170 miles north of Quito in the Province of Carchi and is made up of 15,715 hectares of land. It is in the northernmost province of Ecuador and lies 11,950 to 15,640 feet above mean sea level. Temperatures in the reserve range from 5° to 18° Celsius (41° to 64° F) during the daytime. The moorlands that you find in El Angel can only be ...

  • Protected Areas

    Sangay National Park

    Sangay National Park is a very important protected area located across the provinces of Tungurahua, Morono Santiago and Chimborazo of Ecuador. In fact, it was inscribed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1983. The park covers some 517 765ha of varied ecosystems, encompassing all types of habitats from glaciers to rainforests, plains to volcanoes. A number of vital indigenous species reside ...

  • Protected Areas

    Galapagos National Park

    The Galapagos National Park is one of the greatest natural treasures in the world. Virtually untouched for eons, this small archipelago is rich in natural flora and fauna. The some 1 714 000 acres of land (693 700 ha) that now make up the Galapagos National Park were first set aside for this purpose in 1959, but it took thirteen years of planning and development before the first park ...

  • Protected Areas

    Cuyabeno Forest Reserve

    The Reserva de Producción de Fauna Cuyabeno, or the Cuyabeno Forest Reserve as it is known in English, is unusual in that two thirds of the year the forest is submerged in water. When it is not flooded it is made up of dry futbol fields. This unusual occurrence is due to the rainwater that flows from the many rivers down into this reserve, which acts as a lagoon and can be 20 to 30 feet ...

  • Protected Areas

    Yasuni National Park

    The Yasuni National Park is a beautiful natural treasure that can be found in the Napo Province just 190 miles away from the city of Quito. The sizable park covers an area of some 1 679 643 acres and features several camping sites where visitors can make themselves at home when they are not exploring the many wonders of the park. The park’s immense size and variety makes it one of the ...