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    Ecuador's official language is Spanish, but Quichua, an Inca language, is spoken by the Indian population. Besides Spanish, ten native languages are spoken in Ecuador. English is the most spoken foreign language amongst tourist providers and professionals.

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    Excavations in Ecuador have revealed pieces of pottery with the imprint of woven textile on them. It is apparent that yarn was spun on spindles and spun into cloth even during the time of the Incas. Textiles obviously were of great importance in Ecuador and have been since then.

  • Museums

    Banco Central

    The amazing Central Bank Museum or Museo Nacional del Banco Central del Ecuador is situated in the city of Quito. This massive institution is filled with exciting discoveries and features. Even if you don't go to any other museums in Ecuador, the Banco Central Museum is a definite must. The stunning museum combines archaeological finds, cultural items and top technology - all for the ...

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    Every country has historic and cultural treasures and Ecuador certainly isn’t the exception to the rule. The country has had a long and interesting history that extends far further into the past than what most people realize. The indigenous people of Ecuador lived off the land happily for many hundreds of years before the spreading Inca kingdom reached the area and Incan warriors conquered ...

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    Old Cathedral Cuenca

    The Old Cathedral of Cuenca, or El Sagrario, was constructed in the same year that the town of Cuenca was founded: 1557. Its location is on ancient Inca ruins and it was built for the religious followers of Cuenca. The town eventually grew into a city but it has not lost its nostalgia. The cobbled streets, colonial mansions colonially-styled city homes complete with balconies decorated with ...

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    Ecuador is an interesting place filled with history and culture. Long before the arrival of the Spanish and even before the rise of the Incan Empire, it was the home of a number of native Indian tribes. The somewhat meager strongholds of these different chiefdoms were easily overthrown by the powerful Incas when the Incan Empire expanded. However, the mighty Incan Empire was weakened by the ...