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  • Protected Areas

    Galapagos National Park

    The Galapagos National Park is one of the greatest natural treasures in the world. Virtually untouched for eons, this small archipelago is rich in natural flora and fauna. The some 1 714 000 acres of land (693 700 ha) that now make up the Galapagos National Park were first set aside for this purpose in 1959, but it took thirteen years of planning and development before the first park ...

  • Protected Areas

    Galapagos Marine Reserve

    Beneath the calm surface, where the warm Panama Current meets the colder Humbolt and Cromwell currents, lies a unique and extremely diverse ecological system filled with fascinating marine life. Within this 133 000 square kilometer area, which is known as the Galapagos Marine Reserve, warm blooded and cold blooded inhabitants of the ocean enjoy a peaceful and protected existence. The need to ...