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    Metropolitan Cathedral Quito

    Ecuador's city of Quito is well-known for its impressive architectural heritage. Visitors strolling through the city will discover exquisite squares with massive, brilliantly designed structures carefully decorated both outside and in. Amongst the most fascinating buildings are the elaborately designed churches and cathedrals housing exquisite works of art, carved images and golden altars. ...

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    Sanctuary Guapulo

    Just outside of the city of Quito on the road from Hotel Quito, you will come to the fascinating historic village known as Guápula. Before meandering down to the village itself, the road offers tourists an exquisite view of the little village. Entering the village you instantly feel Bohemian overtones as you see many artists at work. One of the greatest attractions in the village is the ...

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    Palacio Arzobispal

    Not every country has an archbishop’s palace – a place of residence for the archbishop. With a strong Spanish cultural and religious influence, Ecuador is home to just such a building. The Palacio Arzobispal in Ecuador is certainly no ordinary building and it stands out against other buildings in Quito. This massive construction was built sometime after Pope Paul III ordered that a Diocese ...