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    Health and Safety

    Your personal safety should not be at risk, nor should your health be while traveling in Ecuador. You should, however, try to blend in with the crowd to avoid unwanted attention. Never admit that you are traveling alone and if you feel at all uncomfortable in a region you should leave it as promptly and directly as possible. Avoid poorly lit alleys and passageways at night, stick to well lit ...

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    If you are planning to travel to Ecuador, you might find this section helpful. There is so much to see and do in this incredibly beautiful country that many don’t even know where to start. The travel section will help you to get an idea of how to get to Ecuador, where to stay, how to get around and what to see and do. It will also tell you exactly what you will need to get around the ...

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    If you are a tourist and don't quite know where to start, you might look up one of the many tour operators who are based in the country. These operators usually have all the right connections and can work out a good deal for a tour that is designed around your preferences and is tailor-made to suit your needs. The staff are normally friendly and helpful and the companies also usually try ...

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    Ecuador is a country of spectacular variety and beautiful scenery. From beaches to volcanoes, you can expect to find almost any kind of environment here. This means Ecuador's tourism opportunities are some of the best in the world. It also means that there are a lot of activities to enjoy in this country. Best of all, Ecuador offers the opportunity to enjoy the ruins left behind by the ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Esmeraldas is located on Ecuador’s northwestern coast and is also called the Green Province. Esmeraldas has a very favorable climate all year round that ranges from about 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. The beaches and the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve are arguably the main attraction of Esmeraldas.Esmeraldas is also the capital of the province. It is one of Ecuador’s main ports and the ...

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    Ecuador enjoys a wonderfully diverse population. The largest ethnic group is made up of Mestizos while Amerindians are the second largest. The remaining ten percent of the population is a mixture of criollos and Afro-Ecuadorians. When one considers just how diverse the population of this South American country is, it is amazing that they have chosen only Spanish as their official language. ...

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    Palacio De Gobierno

    In Quito you will discover the Palacio del Gobierno or, as it is known in English, the Presidential Palace. The actual building was originally built in 1650 in a neoclassical style and it served as the governor's office. In 1920 the Palace burnt down, only to be quickly re-built. The new building was designed by a collaboration of architects, so you may notice that a number of distinctive ...

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    La Tolita Site

    La Tolita Island is home to the La Tolita Archaeological Site. This site has become a popular attraction in Ecuador, which has boosted the tourism industry on this island. The inhabitants of the island constructed what is believed to be a ceremonial site many centuries ago. The site is situated in the center of the La Tolita Island and it is at this ceremonial site that exquisite gifts of ...

  • Oriente (Amazon)


    The town of Macas, Ecuador, was once known as “Sevilla del Ora” which, when translated, means “Golden Seville”. This historical town began its humble beginnings as a Missionary Outpost formed by the Dominican Church shortly after the Spanish conquest in 1533. This thriving centre also became a formidable Spanish trading post during its early stages of its history.