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  • Ibarra

    A colonial town with small cobbled streets just 45 miles away from Quito, Ibarra is the capital of the Imbabura province. Ibarra is situated between the Imbabura Volcano and the Tahuando River and has quite a peaceful environment. The weather is generally pleasant, making it the ideal spot for someone looking to 'get away from it all'.

  • San Pablo Del Lago

    San Pablo del Lago is a tranquil little village located near the San Pablo Lake. The surrounding water, mountains and volcano make for some breath-taking scenery. While the village itself is small and quiet, the surrounding area is filled with some amazing lodges, hotels and haciendas. Besides being an incredibly relaxing place to go, there are many recreational activities that can be ...

  • Antisana Ecological Reserve

    The pristine natural refuge known as the Antisana Ecological Reserve is simply breathtaking. Striking mountains unfurl into dense forest and deep gorges while crystal clear lakes reflect the mesmerizing mountain scenery around them. The reserve stretches out over some 120 000 hectares of land and, if you do decide to visit it, you should make sure that you remember to bring your camera with you.

  • Pululahua Reserve

    Situated in the Pichincha province of Quito, the Geo-botanical Reserve of Pululahua is a relatively small reserve that incorporates an area which is roughly 3 383 ha (8 400 acres) in size. The park is run by the INEFAN and it enjoys a variety of altitudes between 1 600 m above sea level to 3356 m above sea level. It caters for recreational activities by making two camping areas available to ...

  • Cotopaxi National Park

    The Cotopaxi National Park is a massive nature reserve and the most popular in Ecuador. This Ecuadorian national park encompasses an area of 33 393 ha and extends into the Cotopaxi, Pichincha and Napo provinces. The park is also well known for the four volcanoes within its bounds. Located beside Cotopaxi National Park is the El Boliche National Recreational Area. This stunning park possesses ...

  • Trekking

    There is often no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of a country than to go hiking or trekking. Trekking in Ecuador is a popular activity with visitors who are looking for a new way to discover this beautiful country. The country itself is too big to be easily hiked across but there are many trekking opportunities to be found in each region. Visitors can enjoy varied trekking trails and ...

  • Volcano Tours

    The beautiful country of Ecuador has more than just a handful of volcanoes to its name. The people of Ecuador are already well accustomed to the grunts and groans of their volcanic neighbors and modern equipment has been able to ensure that most bad eruptions have as few casualties as possible. Though many cities and towns are nestled at the foot of a volcano, the inhabitants have learnt ...

  • Courses

    Imagine teeing off on a green with the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the background, or better yet, a smoking volcano providing an exotic element to the game. Golf is a widely enjoyed game in Ecuador and the country does have a few great golf courses. These golf courses in Ecuador are mainly the playing fields of the affluent of the country, but that does not necessarily mean ...

  • Latacunga

    Cotopaxi is one of the many provinces in Ecuador. Cotopaxi is home to Latacunga, which is the capital of the province. Latacunga is situated on a plateau, which is a piece of land that is much higher then the surrounding flat areas. It is approximately 2,850 meters or 9,055 feet above the mean sea level.

  • Macas

    The town of Macas, Ecuador, was once known as “Sevilla del Ora” which, when translated, means “Golden Seville”. This historical town began its humble beginnings as a Missionary Outpost formed by the Dominican Church shortly after the Spanish conquest in 1533. This thriving centre also became a formidable Spanish trading post during its early stages of its history.