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  • Protected Areas

    Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge

    The spectacular Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge is conveniently located just 45 minutes from the city of Quito in Ecuador. Extending across 500ha, Pasochoa encompasses rare humid Andean shrub forest around an extinct volcano crater. The main forest of Pasochoa was discovered by Dr. Fernando Ortiz back in the 1970s. Ecuador's Ministry of Agriculture allocated the area as a Protected Forest in 1982 ...

  • Protected Areas

    Yasuni National Park

    The Yasuni National Park is a beautiful natural treasure that can be found in the Napo Province just 190 miles away from the city of Quito. The sizable park covers an area of some 1 679 643 acres and features several camping sites where visitors can make themselves at home when they are not exploring the many wonders of the park. The park’s immense size and variety makes it one of the ...

  • Attractions


    Ecuador is a large country with a varied terrain resulting in a variety of habitats for animal life. Nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy touring the natural areas of the country and spotting Ecuador's wildlife species. The many nature reserves and national parks provide tourists with the ideal opportunity to spot mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. From aquatic creatures to ...

  • Sights

    Guayaquil Historical Park

    The Guayaquil Historical Park can be found between Esmeraldas and Central Avenue in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The city is one of the biggest and most populous in the country so visitors will find that they will be able to spend at least one whole day exploring the sights and sounds of this city. At the Historical Park you can spend time learning about the city you are visiting: its history, ...

  • Activities

    Horseback Riding

    Even if you are not a horse riding enthusiast, the idea of riding a horse across the striking Ecuadorian countryside might appeal to you. For most people, it is the idea of getting the horse to do all the walking for them that appeals the most but the fact is, horse riding takes quite a bit of effort and you can expect to be quite stiff after a few hours of riding – especially if you do not ...

  • Oriente (Amazon)


    Founded in 1899 and located in the Pastaza province in Ecuador, Puyo plays a very important role in the local economy. In fact, Puyo is the capital of the Pastaza province and it serves as a sort of ‘gateway’ to Baños and several other cities. The city itself is quite beautiful and is located on the banks of the Puyo River. This means that the city is always green despite hot or humid ...

  • Oriente (Amazon)

    Nueva Loja

    Nueva Loja is the official name for Lago Agrio. Loja has a rather sizable population of 26,000 people. The town came into existence largely due to the establishment of oil fields by the Texan oil company Texaco in the area. It was these Texans who saw fit to name the area after 'Sour Lake' in Texas and the name has since stuck. Today Nueva Loja is the primary capital city for the Sucumbios ...

  • Galápagos Islands

    San Cristobal

    The beautiful city of San Cristobal lies on one of the easternmost Galapagos Islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean, approximately 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. Originally named by English pirates for William Pitt, the earl of Chatham, it is an area of 195 square miles.