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If you are planning to travel to Ecuador, you might find this section helpful. There is so much to see and do in this incredibly beautiful country that many don’t even know where to start. The travel section will help you to get an idea of how to get to Ecuador, where to stay, how to get around and what to see and do. It will also tell you exactly what you will need to get around the country and a little about the country…


The two main airports in Ecuador are located in Quito and Guayaquil. These are the only airports that are capable of handling international flights. There is also a smaller airport in Cuenca and domestic flights in Ecuador are usually between these three cities.


There is quite a wide range of accommodation types available in the country. You can choose from ranches, haciendas, lodges and hotels in Ecuador.

Car Hire

Car Hire in Ecuador is straightforward and there are quite a few car hire companies operating in the country. The vast majority are based in Quito.


There is a wide range of activities in Ecuador that cater to both tourists and locals. Whether you are a thrill seeker or a more subdued vacationer in pursuit of relaxation, you can be sure you’ll find something in Ecuador that will appeal to you.


From churches to natural wonders, there is a vast array of attractions in Ecuador. You can shop at local markets, climb volcanic peaks or better still, enjoy a jungle tour in the world famous Amazon jungle. There are also quite a few national parks where you will be able to get up close and personal with local flora and fauna.


The travel essentials section covers everything you need to know about passports, visas, weather conditions and your personal health. It also lets you in on a few safety tips. Every visitor to Ecuador needs to know these essentials.

Key Facts

If you ever wanted to a bit more about Ecuador, this is the place to find it.