Hotels in Ecuador, Book a Hotel, Accommodation

There is quite a wide range of accommodation types available in Ecuador. You can choose from ranches, haciendas, lodges and hotels in Ecuador. The type of area you plan to visit will largely determine the style of accommodation most suited to your needs. If, for example, you plan to spend some time exploring the mysteries of the Amazon jungle, you should book a few nights stay at a jungle lodge – though this is usually included in the cost of a jungle tour.

If you are heading for a bigger city, such as Guayaquil or Quito, you will likely choose one of the skyscraping modern hotels with all their added extras. Once you have headed out of the city the haciendas set deep in the valleys – strategically located between various small villages with notable attractions – are generally the best option. Ranches offer some peace and tranquility away from the more popular activities, but facilities may not always be as modern as you might hope. Some of the more daring adventurers may prefer this wonderful rugged atmosphere. Whatever the case, there are hundreds of hotels available in Ecuador.

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