A day in Girón (Cuenca, Ecuador)

•ENGLISH Hello folks, Girón is a town located to the southeast of Cuenca City. You get there by traveling less than 1 hour by car. In this video, you'll hear a traditional song played by a local band commonly known as "Banda de Pueblo". If you ever visit Ecuador, you'll find these types of bands mostly in the Andean part of my country. Also, in this video, you will see a well-known tourist attraction of Girón which is a small waterfall called "El Chorro". The afternoons in this site are little cold, and for that reason I would suggest you to take a cup of coffe and relax yourself while you start hearing some nocturnal insects. I would be delighted to guide you through this Andean spot, if you are interested, send me an e-mail for more information. edgar.a.puma@gmail.com •ESPANOL Saludos a todos mis coterráneos e hispanohablantes alrededor del mundo. Este es un video que fue filmado en Girón de un paseo familiar. Aquí escucharas la típica música de pueblo y veras el conocido chorro de Girón.