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InternationalLiving.com Postcard Wrapup with Dan Prescher - International Livinghttp://internationalliving.com/2010/11/wrap-up-video-the-french-island-with-italian-flair/Dan Prescher reports from Merida, Mexico, with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending November 19.November 15 -- Ronan McMahon of Pathfinder Real Estate reported in from Bahia on Ecuador's Pacific coast where everyone is celebrating the official opening of the bridge between Bahia and San Vicente. This bridge is going to change the game along Ecuador's northern coast, but it's just one of three infrastructure improvements that Ronan says can seriously effect your chances of profiting from this newly opened area of Ecuador. Find out what the other two are and how you can take advantage of them in Ronan's November 15 postcard.On November 16, Steenie Harvey reports in from Corsica, where she found no large-scale resorts, no overdevelopment. She agrees with Balzac, who called Corsica "a French island basking in the Italian sun." Sound good to you? Then you have to read what else Steenie said about this amazing island in her November 16 postcard.On November 17, Jessica Ramesch takes us to the Panama mountain town of Boquete, where she said she spent one of the most relaxing days of her life. Boquete has set a standard for expat destinations in Panama, and some people think it's overpriced, but Jessica said this entire day of relaxation enjoying the natural wonders of Boquete cost her all of $9.25. Find out how she did it in her November 17 postcard.http://internationalliving.com/2010/12/merida-mexico-where-living-is-easy-friendly-and-fun/November 18, International Living postcard editor Len Galvin writes in from Placencia, Belize, where he's on his own exploratory trip to see what this little English-speaking Caribbean country has to offer. He has his eye out for bargains, and he tells us about the cheapest beachfront house he's found so far in Placencia. The photo of the beach view itself is worth the look -- get the details on Len's find in his November 18 postcard.On November 19 we feature a video postcard... you can listen in while I answer questions posted last week on our International Living Facebook page. Ever wonder about gun laws in other countries? Where to find a decent school for your kids? How to get work as a foreigner? I'll answer these questions and more right before your eyes... watch the November 19 postcard for the whole story.And as a November 19 bonus, we also introduce a new feature our techs guys put together... a short, easy quiz that tells you exactly which country is right for you. Answer a few simple questions, and we'll tell you where your ideal retirement or second-home destination is... AND give you a free report to boot. It's fun and easy, and the answer may surprise you.Sign up for all these postcards and more for free here: http://internationalliving.com/daily-postcards/ and don't forget to visit the International Living Facebook page.