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Ecotourism In Colombia By the end of 2007 the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism reported approximately 1,260,000 tourists visited Colombia in that year, a major improvement in the industry. Moving along with general predictions that tourism around the world will increase to 1.6 million annual travelers by 2020, Colombia is a variegated nation that offers visitors a wide range of ecotourism options. Under Colombian law, eco-tourism is defined as a specialized way of tourism developed in areas with a unique natural attractive that fits within parameters of sustainable human development. Ultimately, eco-tourism looks to entertain and educate the visitor through observation, study of natural resources and cultural aspects related a place. The Natural National Parks System contains 16 areas with an ecotourism vocation and activities that respect nature and show visitors unique fauna and flora. Many of these places hold camping grounds, restaurants, information centers, trails, etc. Ecotourism is an important tool to strengthen the park system, because it generates financial resources through concessions, services and fees, allowing redistribution throughout the system. Though controlled ecotourism can represent an improvement in the life of different people living in unique areas, it is essential to consider some places are not willing nor meant to be exposed to any kind of tourism. Don't push yourself into people's homes or privacy, and don't trespass limits of trails in parks. Colombia has an organized way of ecotourism and looks to conserve its natural areas and sanctuaries; taking advantage of the opportunities available will expose you to a variety of sights and activities valuable to any traveler, in addition to allowing you to help with your contributions to maintain the parks and communities Ecotourism In Colombia Colombia Adventure Travel colombia tourism colombia ecotourism colombia travel