Ecuador 2010 Part 3

Part 3 starts at dawn on the Napo River where we see a distant Amazonian umbrellabird followed by an even more distant oriole blackbird. This is the day we returned to Coca where we were to be picked up by a bus and driven a couple of hours to the Shiripuno River, then the 5 hour boat trip downriver to Shiripuno Lodge. There was time for a few beers in Coca where the bar had a tame white-throated toucan and some capuchins. While waiting for the boat we have a plumbeous kite flying overhead. Next morning we found a small snake on the path before coming across a singing musician wren, then the film shows a roosting rufous potoo, olive-backed foliage-gleaner, spotted puffbird, a brief spot-winged antbird, great-billed hermit, golden-green woodpecker and a brief scale-backed antbird. Then it's back to the lodge for lunch and the chance to film some butterflies, which take us to the end of the clip.