Ecuador 2010 Part 4

Part 4 starts off just after lunch near the Shiripuno Lodge, with white-bearded manakin, long-billed gnatwren, a female sooty antbird, what appeared to be spot-tailed nightjar, and a very skulking black bushbird. Next morning it was back into the rainforest starting with a black-fronted nunbird with a black caracara calling in the background, then female black-tailed trogon, buff-throated foliage-gleaner, maroon-tailed parakeet, yellow-billed jacamar, yellow-browed antbird, a female mouse-coloured antshrike, green-and-gold tanager, rufous-tailed antwren, anhinga, and a sungrebe which had been climbing a tree like a woodcreeper. Then it was back to the lodge for lunch, where we have pale-tailed barbthroat before returning to the forest where we have collared trogon, great kiskadee, bat falcon, juvenile black caracara, and a great way to round off the day and the clip with a rufous-capped antthrush.