Ecuador Choco 2009 Part 2

This clip starts on the Mindo-Nono Road with white-capped dipper, powerful woodpecker and Andean cock-of-the-rock. Next we go to the Upper Tandayapa Valley where we have green and blackfruiteater and hook-billed kite before travelling down to Mindo where we see Three-striped warbler, a dragonfly, a squirrel, red-faced spinetail, golden-headed quetzel and common potoo. Next day we start at Tandayapa Lodge where the species are immaculate antbird, white-throated quail-dove, chestnut-capped brushfinch, moving on to their spectacular hummingbird feeders where we see speckled hummingbird, female violet-tailed sylph with female booted rackettail, female booted rackettail with female purple-throated woodstar, sparkling violetear, male booted rackettail, western emerald, green-crowned woodnymph, buff-tailed coronet, Andean emerald, female purple-throated woodstar, gorgeted sunangel, male violet-tailed sylph, brown inca, fawn-breasted brilliant, rufous-tailed hummingbird and finally male purple-throated woodstars with Andean emerald.