Ecuador & Galapagos New 2010

Ecuador's Galapagos & Amazon has been nomimated "New 7 wonders of Nature". See why in this 7 minute film. Highlighting the best that Ecuador has to offer, encompassing the natural beauty and passion of it's people , visiting Ecuador could end up being top of the list for you. . Discover this hidden gem and make your next adventure one to remember. Whether you thinking of visiting the Galapagos, trekking through the Amazon, hiking in the Andes or just relaxing on the beach, Carpedm Adventures will be delighted to assist you. Carpedm Adventures heading into it's 3rd year in business in Ecuador has already received recommendations by Roughguide 2010 edition in addition to numerous positive client feedback that seperates us from the rest of the pack. Leave the details to us and enjoy your time exploring this wonderful country. Visit us online: This video was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. Discover Ecuador like never before, visit: - Carpedm Adventures - Quito Travel Agency Special thanks to the creators of this video: Video was directed & photographed by: Juan Diego Perez; editors: Gustavo Pareja, Pocho Alvarez; music: Maurico Cevellos; assistant director: Alfredo Salazar; Producer: Karina Corti; text: Alvaro Samaniego; image files: Aereal Photography, Jorge Juan Anhalzer; underwater photography: Victor Mendia; additional photography: Enrique Bayas, Roberto Barriga, Alejandro Alban & Hernan Cuellar; narration: Renato Ortega; coordination: Carmen Rosa Ponce & Paola Escobar; producer assistant: Fernanda Restrepo & Lucia Moscoso; translation: Sam Dubois; sound studio: Rana Estudio; post-production: Virtual Altercine. Visit us online at: , , , ,