Ecuador is also the country of eternal springtime a place with history, costumes and tradition, It is Due to its prime location along the equator line, e. The countrys great geographical diversity has produced a variety of climates and microclimates , ideal environments for the flourishing of flora and fauna. Ecuador, in the Middle of the World, in this place without zero latitude, the shade vanishes with the midday sun. Only in Ecuador can take minutes to pass from the Northern to the Southern. For his incomparable geography, his cultural diversity, his history and great biodiversity in relation to his size, the Ecuador is one of the tourist destinations the most recommended for those who want to have a few pleasant vacations. In only two or three weeks of trip four different worlds can be seen inside the same country, admiring the snow of the Andes, the mystery of the Amazonian jungle, the exuberant beaches of the Pacífico and the magic of the Galapagos Islands in a country " where everything is nearby ".