EP#10128 Flower Farm

This 10.4 acre flower farm is making a profit of more than $11,000 each month with only 7.5 acres in production. They only grow one type of flower here which is a variant of Delphinium called Volkenfrieden It is packaged and exported to the United States and Europe where there is more demand than they can supply. There are another 2.5 acres of flat land that is currently unused. There are 12 laborers and one engineer who work this farm year round. There is a stream of water running down the mountain which feeds two reservoirs which ensure that there is always water for the flowers. No covering is needed as these flowers grow just fine in the open air. The farm is located 2.1 miles from Paute which is a 45 minute drive from Cuenca. The property has a small 538 SQFT concrete structure with a kitchen, another room, and a bathroom. Part of the unused 2.5 acres could be used to build a house which would have a great view overlooking the flower farm.