Festival of the Fellowship Amazon – Leticia Amazonas Colombia Southamerica

Indigenous traditions are lived within the communities, but also recreate some of the most important holidays of the department. Of the two municipalities in the department emphasize the municipality of Puerto Nariño, which celebrate Easter and anniversary parties as April 1. Right there Indian Olympics are held in November, the Peasants Day in June, and the Festival of Dance, Carol and Murga, in December. To the municipality of Leticia highlight the Festival of the Fellowship Amazon, a place where boundaries fade and three countries share economic and customs, where diversity and similarity among Amazonian countries have a meeting from 15 to 20 July each year. During that time looking for the cultural, sports, institutional and economic cooperation among the nations that come together in Leticia Amazon: Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Five days of leisure, where art, ethnocultural, traditions, customs, experiences, experiences, female beauty, talent, sport and gastronomy are the main show. In recent nights, each country has available a day to show their folklore. This annual event confirms the unity of peoples, where borders do not count the hours of entertainment and joy. The FESTIVAL OF THE AMAZON FELLOWSHIP is an event unique in the region, which began in 1987 at the initiative of the personalities of the region at the time, which sought to promote, strengthen and preserve the bonds of unity and harmony relations of the countries of the Amazon basin formed by Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Venezuela. The Festival of the Amazon fellowship is an event that promotes the integration of the Amazon basin countries through participation, organization and presentation of the various events aimed at promoting values in the Amazon region through the exchange and convergence of various cultural, socioeconomic , sports and recreation, preserving and respecting the traditions and customs of its inhabitants and the environment through the promotion of cultural activities such as Painting, Literature, Photography, Dance, Music, Dance, Folklore, Crafts, Food and Beverages, Reign International Games, Gathering of Storytellers, sports (soccer, football games, boating, cycling, boxing, chess, basketball, taekwondo, athletics, volleyball, shuffleboard, pool skating and extreme culture).