Fiesta en Playa Alta (Biblián, Ecuador) – Julio 2011

Esta fiesta al Sr. De Los Milagros se realizo en la Playa Alta - Cantón Biblián, Ecuador en Julio 9-11, 2011. Disfruten. Annual celebration (fiesta) in honor of Jesus Christ (local name given - Sr. De Los Milagros) in a small Andean community south of the country near Cuenca (Playa Alta - Cantón Biblián). The fiesta takes places over the weekend and draws locals surrounding this community. The celebration includes games such as indor fútbol (modified soccer), volley ball, raffles, and folklore dance competition among others. The chapel that is privately owned puts on this fiesta to raise funds for its maintenance. The local celebration in the region was initiated by Manuel Jesus Minchala (R.I.P.). After his death, the torch was passed to one of his sons - Luis A. Minchala. Luis' grandfather had passed on to him the Holy Cross - Sr. De Los Milagros before his death. I Hope you enjoy the clip and insight into the local celebration.