Hiking Sierra Negro Volcano: Isabella Island, Galapagos Ecuador

They say views are well worth the climb, and Isabella Island truly delivered that. After a 6 hour hike up and around Sierra Negro Volcano, the views were simply breathtaking! For more information about travelling to Ecuador, visit http://www.myadventurestore.ca Want to discover more of Ecuador? Click one of the videos below: Hiking Sierra Negro Volcano: Isabella Island Galapagos: http://youtu.be/52xBibAqPF0 Surfing Tortuga Bay: Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos: http://youtu.be/Ug_6pol0w2E Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre: Isabella Island: http://youtu.be/-a59msZeiJU Travelling through Quito, Ecuador: http://youtu.be/gwVefxxybTc Giant Tortoises in the Wild: Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos: http://youtu.be/C_FBM8TsfjQ Snorkelling with Sealions: http://youtu.be/W-26lZn0KQ8