International Living Dream Retirement Overseas Contest

This is our entry to the International Living Dream Retirement Overseas contest: We'd like to win a dream test-drive retirement overseas with International Living because.... we love traveling and writing and have been working on an extended trip to Ecuador in search of the good life for our family for a while now. Let me introduce myself and my partners in this adventure. We are Tracey, Rob, and we have a beautiful son Makai who is 3. We are in the process of selling our home in Cranbrook B.C. Canada and a large part of its contents to retire and travel to Central and South America in search of the "good life" for our family. Rob has been a subscriber to international living for more than 20 years since it was a tabloid style monochromatic newsletter on card stock. We have read countless International Living articles,researched various "Owners Manuals" for countries in South America, and decided that Ecuador is the country that best meets our criteria for "la buena vida". In the last 7 years we have traveled to Italy, Thailand, Hawaii, and Argentina. But it was that first visit to South America in late 2010 that changed the way way we wanted to live the rest of our lives. Buenos Aries, Salta and Cafayate. We learned so much about Argentina and ourselves we decided to sell our home and its contents, learn Spanish and begin our expat experiment. We want to retire overseas because in our travels and through our research we know we can enjoy the good life for so much less beyond our borders. We have loved all of the places we have visited but we are still looking for a place to call home. Ecuador is by far the winner for the next place to test drive retirement. We both enjoy writing and Rob is an excellent photographer. We have a consuming desire to see and experience more of this world and share our adventures to inspire others to chase their dreams. The opportunity to explore Ecuador like a local and document our experiences for International Living would be like winning the lottery for us. Thanks for considering us for this amazing opportunity. Aidios!