Kayaking in Ecuador, Nov/Dec 2009, Quijos, Misahualli and Piatua Rivers

Highlights from the first part of our season here in Ecuador. These videos were from our first four groups, mainly on the Rios Quijos, Misahualli, and Piatua. There is also some wildlife thrown in - the orange bird is an Andean Cock of the Rock, the long tailed bird is a Motmot, the cute nosed critter is a Coati, and I bet you can tell that's a happy monkey. Great paddling with you all. Hurry back! Small World Adventures has been guiding deluxe week long kayaking trips in Ecuador for 17 years. We were the first company to offer kayaking trips in Ecuador, and wrote the Kayaker's Guide to Ecuador. We have an exclusive riverside lodge on the Rio Quijos, near Baeza, Ecuador, with a gourmet chef, onsite massage therapist, the most experienced expert guides in Ecuador and over 60 kayaks in our fleet to choose from. Come join us for your best paddling vacation ever! http://www.smallworldadventures.com check out our blog too: http://www.smallworldadventures.blogspot.com