Lifeworks Teen Trips: Program Philosophy

Click for complete program information, videos, session dates, testimonials and more: by over 30 years of experience, Lifeworks offers international community service projects that combine cultural immersion, travel, and outdoor adventure. Grounded in experiential education, Lifeworks is a non-competitive hands-on community service learning program where students can give back to the international community. The program strives for positive change in the world and transformational experiences for all those who participate.The community service projects that students undertake range from human aid to environmental conservation to community development and any combination. By maintaining small groups of participants, students leave with a great feeling of accomplishment from having completed things themselves, and their self-reliance and confidence soar as a result. Volunteering, living, and learning as part of a small team provides a perfect environment to develop skills such as leadership, compassion, and communication. For teens ready to give something back to the international community while growing tremendously as an individual, Lifeworks will provide an experience of a lifetime.Programs Include: British Virgin Islands Costa Rica China Thailand Galapagos & Ecuador India ThailandSee for full details of each individual trip.