Montanita Ecuador 2013 Music On The Street

Jan. 2013 I caught some locals playing guitar and singing songs on the sidewalk in Montanita. The song sounds like something I am familiar with from English... I just can´t quite figure it out as of yet. I have been traveling for 19 months throughout Central America (first 13 months) and now in South America, starting with Colombia, then Equador and currently in Peru. I have been blogging about my travel adventures mostly on the following website- I plan to continue my travel blogs at the above website, as well as, my personal Word Press website- I must admit that I have many more unpublished travel videos to post... it is sometimes difficult to do that as I find myself at the mercy of very slow Internet speeds here in the mountains of Peru. Internet is usually better in the larger cities of 200,000 population or more. So far, the best overall Internet speeds throughout my travels in one single country has been Colombia. Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador have been fine for the most part. It is kinda my hobby to go to several Cyber Cafes in one city and run to see the download and upload speeds.