Northern Ecuador – Part I (slideshow)

This is a trip I made solo, arrangements were made by Robert Jönsson who were my guide the last week. First week was spent at Tandayapa Bird Lodge, next 2 nights at Bellavista Lodge. Then to Saschatamia Lodge, situated a few km from Mindo, for 2 nights. Robert Jönsson met up when it was time to leave Saschatamia for Tinalandia, which was as far west and as low in altitude that trip took me. We spent just 2 nights at Tinalandia, and the first evening we spent along the old Chiriboga Road (for Lyre-tailed Nightjar), but also checking out the premises of the lodge itself (for Chocó Screech-Owl). The two mornings was mostly spent looking for my target bird #1: White-tipped Sicklebill (got it, but that's for Part II). From Tinalandia we went east and north: to Papallacta Pass, Guango Lodge (1 night) and San Isidro Cabanas (1 night). The last night was, of course, spent in Quito, and on september 1:st it was time to fly home to Sweden. I saw 142 species of birds on my own, the 2 first weeks, and about as many the next 7 days WITH Robert as a guide. That really makes a difference! What a trip!!