One Door Opens // Jet Set Zero – S06E06

Are travelers more spiritually aware? The cast splits as they search for answers to some of life's most ancient questions. Jenna ventures into the jungles of Ecuador for a taste of hallucinogenic ayahuasca, while Freddie and Laurene embark on personal quests through some of Ecuador's beautiful Catholic churches. Ryan longs for that other great spiritual center: home. Jet Set Zero is an adventure travel reality show that follows young travelers as they arrive in foreign countries with 90 days to find jobs, housing, relationships and earn enough money to do it all over again. Follow us to see what life in 90 days looks like and what happens next, or head over to to see additional content, photos, daily blog posts, interact with cast and even get a Jet Set Zero shirt. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Jet Set Zero Merch: