Our Entry to Test Drive Retirement in Ecuador – contest by International Living

If we win this contest it will be our opportunity to experience Ecuador and make a decision about whether we want to move there, spend the winters there, or stay right where we are. We want to refresh the Spanish we learned when we lived in Honduras and become more fluent. We would not experience cultural shock because we have also traveled in Mexico, Belize, Guatemal, and El Salvador.Living in Ecuador can free up time to do other things. For example, we can eat organic fruits and vegetables and won't have to spend the effort to grow our own, with all the associated time we spend in canning and freezing our produce.We think we are at a time in our lives when we can divest ourselves of some of the materialism and other burdens of maintaining our current lifestyle, and live simply and see what doors God will open for us.Make comments (positive ones only, please) and, when it is time to vote, make your vote count for us! Blessings!